Office of Finance

Vision: The Office of Finance strives to advance the HMS mission by delivering innovative financial leadership in an effort to ensure future sustainability in a dynamic environment. 
Mission: We aim to provide exceptional financial stewardship and strategic guidance to both leadership and our community.


Current Events



Deficit Spending Policy & Guidelines

New Deficit Spending Policy effective February 1, 2024. 

Updated Travel Guidance and Reimbursement Processes 

New documentation required - see guidance here and also refer to University COVID-19 Travel page for additional information.

Accounting and Finance Learning Portal

The Accounting & Finance Learning Portal is Now Available!

Have you found yourself looking for finance or accounting training but didn’t know what was currently available or applicable to you? This is no longer an obstacle to learning! The Office of the Controller is excited to introduce: The Accounting & Finance Learning Portal.

What is it?

The learning portal is a NEW workspace located in the Harvard Training Portal that allows ANY learner to:

  • Access accounting & finance training in one central location.
  • Choose courses that are relevant to their Role or desired Competency – no limits.
  • Enroll or launch a course with a few clicks.
  • Track training completions within the Harvard Training Portal.

We invite you to visit the Accounting & Finance Learning Portal – please see the quick guide for reference – please share with your teams.

Happy Learning!