About Us

Facilitating the procurement of goods and services that sustain, foster, and support the objectives of the HMS community. The Office will achieve the highest value in all transactions through advocacy, optimized processes, and transparent communication.

General EmailProcurement@hms.harvard.edu

Key Roles & Concepts:

  1. Collaborate and communicate with full transparency with HU/Departments/Tub to advocate for the Medical School’s needs; leverage and expand on what is already developed by HU/Departments/Tub.     
  2. Develop and implement enhanced administrative systems and policies, business systems, processes, and training that promote compliance with applicable policies, procedures, and regulations.
  3. Procure the highest value in all transactions.
  4. Develop metrics, analyze, monitor & report on key goals, in collaboration with key Stakeholders.


Procurement Team

Jeff DiCiaccio

Director of Strategic Procurement
(617) 432-5333 or (617) 564-5355
jeff_diciaccio@hms.harvard.edu or procurement@hms.harvard.edu

Christine Jones

Manager of Financial Operations - Financial Systems, Disbursements, and Travel
(617) 432-5623

Alphonse Mujenda

Financial Associate
(617) 432-5618

Casey Dziuba

Financial Administrator - Financial Systems, Disbursements, and Travel


Helpful Resources

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Freight Terms Explained  (login required)
Customs Broker
List of HMS Core Facilities - Supporting Innovative Research
Harvard's Supplier Diversity program
Harvard's Independent Contractors Policy and Procedures
Anatomy of a Quote (login required)
Vendor List with Contact information (login required)
Fraudulent Activity by Persons Posing as Harvard Procurement Staff
Equipment Maintenance contracts – insurance model (login required)
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Airgas Cylinder return instructions   (login required)

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price.”

Miles Ezell, Sr.