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The University is pleased to have launched Buy-to-Pay (B2P) on April 29, 2020.  B2P users can now submit Purchase Orders, Payment Requests, and Non-employee reimbursements all online in the B2P system. In addition suppliers can be invited to join our system through a B2P Supplier Portal. In addition, there is robust reporting tool, as well as, a contract and sourcing modules. 

For University issues & support for Supplier Portal, B2P Training, Accounts Payable, invoices, etc ... click this link

Buy-to-Pay (B2P) pertains to subjects such as:

  • How to interpret and comply with University Expense Policy
  • Creating a purchase order in B2P
  • Making a payment request in B2P
  • Researching transactions in B2P
  • PCard Application & Policy
  • Preferred Vendors
  • Financial Dean Exception Requests

University Guidelines and Policy can be found on the University Procurement website and the University Accounts Payable website. For B2P-related questions, please email our team and for PCard-related questions, please contact Christine Jones. For any other questions about how to purchase the goods and services you need, please contact one of the Subject Matter Experts below.

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Subject Matter Experts

Jeff DiCiaccio

Senior Director of Strategic Procurement
(617) 432-5333 

jeff_diciaccio@hms.harvard.edu or procurement@hms.harvard.edu


Christine Jones

Manager of Financial Operations, Financial Systems, Disbursements, and Travel
(617) 432-5623