Strive to have a less environmental, social, and economic impact

Sustainable procurement in higher education refers to the practice of purchasing goods and services in a way that minimizes negative environmental, social, and economic impacts while maximizing positive contributions. This involves considering factors such as the environmental footprint of products, fair labor practices, local sourcing, and supporting socially responsible suppliers. Universities and colleges may implement sustainable procurement policies and practices to align with their environmental and social responsibility goals. We have provided helpful resources so your purchasing can be more sustainable. 


What to do with equipment your lab no longer needs?:

Reuse of Laboratory Equipment
Harvard Surplus Center
Freecycle/Reuse Room - supplies too!

Buying goods sustainably and buying sustainable goods:

Thermo new TSX ULT  

       Improved TSX - 33% reduction in energy consumption, 38% improvement in peak variation, 41% decrease in pull-down time, 52% faster door open   recovery time, ENERGY STAR certified, Universal voltage: operates on 100-230V, Whisper-quiet: just under 44 DbAs, etc ….

SW Technologies gloves

        SW now stocked by VWR, a sustainable and eco-friendly, disposable nitrile gloves for labs. SW is a certified Women Owned and Minor led company. 

List of vendors that buy and sell used equipment
Instructions identifying green products in B2P Vendor catalogs (updated regularly) 

Sustainable vendors, manufacturers or products:

Highlight - VWR is now stocking SW Technologies, sustainable and eco-friendly, disposable nitrile gloves for labs. SW is a certified Women Owned and Minority led company. See link for more information.

VWR Environmentally Preferable Product Offerings

Agilent’s Commitment to Sustainability

Bio-Rad’s 2030 Sustainability Goals

Cell Signaling Environmental & Social Responsibility

Cytiva Designing in sustainability

Eurofins Sustainability Services

Fisher Scientific Sustainability Program

Fisher Scientific Giving You Greener Choices

Millipore Sigma Greener Alternative Products

New England Biolabs (NEB) Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Thermo Fisher Scientific Greener by Design


Harvard Office of Sustainability

My Green Lab